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    Whenever I remove my phone from belt clip it answers the call. Sometimes it answers when it is still in the case. This has created problems when people are listening to my conversation. I have Touchscreen disabled. Any suggestions on how to progam phone so that I push a single button to answer the call?
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    There are a number of programs out there that prevent the "answer on its own" disease. When you look, you will see soooo many, so maybe you might consider the "ultimate list" of what you are looking for and then look at those programs that provide it.

    Call Filter controls the keys and provides lots of different support options. Call Shield does much the same. When I began looking, I looked only for the "no answer" thing and purchased accordingly. Had I made a list of what else I wanted, I would have not have puchased the "only no answer app," but would have searched a bit longer for something more inclusive.

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    Thanks guys. I will give this a try!


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