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    i'm using p-tunes and the sound quality of the music kind of stinks. doesn't matter whether I download the music from the net or get it from a commercial cd. what am i doing wrong?
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    What Headphones are you using??
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    What music compression codec are you using (mp3, OGG, wma, wav)? What bit rate are you recording? What type of card/speed to you have. And finally, what type of headphones are you using? All these factors affect the music playback fyi...

    IMO, you should rip min 128 kbps mp3 for decent quality...
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    I am well satisfied with the Treo 600 as an mp3 device.

    mp3 codec @ 320 kbps.
    At this bit rate I can watch a seemless "sound & light" slide shows in simultinaity w/o problems using Photogather from Eusoftware.

    The Treo is reading both music and images from a 512 MB Sandisk Ultra II.

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    Be sure you don't play the Treo 600 at full volume if you're feeding it into a stereo - I usually set my Treo at 70-80% volume, and then turn up / down the stereo from there.

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    excellent mp3 device. comparable to my samsung yepp 55h 256 mb player. rock on!
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