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    I need the ability to read Adobe files every once and awhile and I think there is a way to do it.

    I went to the Adobe website and the file download for Palm OS compatible for Treo 600 is Version 3.05. But it's 9.4MB. If anyone out there is viewing Adobe files on their phone please let me know the steps to download, I'm not sure if I should download this file and then Sync to Treo. It seems quite large of a file. Or maybe I'm underestimating Treo, I just don't want any fatal crashes.

    So basically I need to know steps (my assumption):
    1) Download Adobe Ver. 3.05
    2) Hotsync & download to Treo

    Is that right? How do I send files that are already on my laptop's hard drive to the Treo once I complete steps 1 & 2 (if that's right)?

    Thanks Treoster's (Pronounced: Tree-Osters, maybe that will stick!)
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    Just download and install the file on your computer. It will walk you through the process. Once installed, you can transfer files to your Treo by:

    1. Opening a .pdf file using the regular Adobe Reader and clicking on the "Send to Palm" icon.
    2. Opening Adobe Reader for Palm and adding the file you would like to transfer.

    Files will be transfered during the next Hotsync.
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    It is only about .5mb on the Treo. What you see are 2 components. One on your PC to view and transfer files and one .prc on the Treo for viewing only. Very good program for free.

    If you have used Dataviz's Docs To Go 5 and up, it is a similar process.

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    Warning...most graphically-rich PDFs screen render quite SLOWLY on the's not the most pleasant experience.

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