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    I've owned my treo 600 for almost a year but today my calendar info doesn't show up. I sync to Entourage and all the calendar data is on my desktop fine.

    I opened the Entourage conduit to have desktop overide handheld. Still not showing up. I've done soft, med, and Hard resets and resyncing backing up all files.

    The strange thing is that I carry DualDate and all the data shows up on dual date. I always assumed that dual date and calendar all share the same database so to me it appears that Calendar is not reading the info that must be there.....

    Help, I'm out of ideas.
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    Make sure the date is properly set for today's date in preferences.
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    Thanks, the date is fine...but I know.. I keep thinking maybe i've done something stupid and the answer is right in front of me...
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    To Clarify, when I sync (or for that matter have desktop overide handheld) all my Entourage items (to do, memo, contacts) sync up fine to my treo EXCEPT for the calendar items...

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