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    Hey all

    Hope this finds you all well and happy
    Serious shouts out to TREO CENTRAL - YOU RULLLEEE!!!!

    Just one question
    I am trying out callfilter for my treo600 - one amazing program

    I found a function where it actually speaks out the number

    OMG!!!! That function is probably THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!

    So why am I not using it?? Because even on my loudest setting, it's way too quiet to hear when outside

    Dear developer - or any other experienced call filter user

    Is there any way to make that speaking the number function any louder???

    Are there any other apps that do this?!?!?!

    Also, if I'm getting negative responses on all this....then a slightly different question

    Does anyone know of a good place to get mp3s or wavs or whatever that say stuff like (in speech)

    You have an appointment
    You have an SMS
    Someone is calling you (or something to that effect)
    You have low battery
    You have a todo/task
    You need to make a call

    I'd prefer a recording of a real voice (like in the callfilter function), as opposed to a computer generated voice (eg from txt2mp3).
    I could record my own voice but that would be silly
    Preferably I need a nice sexy woman saying it (sorry if that sounded sexist)
    Or if not, a very clear spoken man???

    By the way, if someone is looking for something similar for their pc,
    with sounds like YOUR FILE IS DOWNLOADED, ERROR, WELCOME TO WINDOWS etc can get a archive of "rachel" sounds, from get right for FREE, ummm here (wow actually just went there, there's loads more files since i went there like 2 years ago LOL)

    HAVE FUN Y'all
    A big thank you in advance to anyone who can help me with this matter

    Big Up to all the treocentral users, and serious respectz goin out to TreoCentral site/forums........what would we do without you??
    (Strange that, i mean can you imagine buying a fridge, then hanging out daily in a forum about your fridge, or kitchen sink or even fax machine?? why do we all hang out just shows you how damn cool the treo 600 let us not forget about it or hate it when we all move on to the ACE??!!!!)

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    Hey there! I am the developer of CallFilter and I am so happy that you think it is such a cool application!!

    Regarding the voice announce, I am definately going to boost the volume on that bigtime! Keep an eye out for a new version that has that fixed in the next week or so.
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    Keeping the eye out for such a long period of time may be painful. I'll keep the eye in and just wait. No crashes yet. Ben
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    Man you rule!!!
    That's the best news in ages.........
    /me get's my mastercard out, along with my eye, and waits in anticipation for the new release.

    /me is getting too anxious and starts bouncing his eye on the mastercard......hehhehe my "flexible" friend

    /me is proud to announce he has a high score of 57 eye/card bounces in a row....can anyone beat that??

    /me screams in agony!!! When trying to beat his high score, on the 56th bounce the eye fell, rolled across the floor, only to be picked up by his 5 month old baby and then thrown at his wife, where upon she turned around to see what it her, and in the turning around movement squashed the eye with her heel.

    /me makes an official treo-central wide request for anyone with a spare eye to please come forward.

    /me is unlucky. Nobody seems to have an eye, in the "brown" model, available, therefore....

    /me makes one final request. "Does anyone have a parrot to sit on my shoulder, so that when asked about my one-eyed presence I can use the pirate excuse, as opposed to embarrasing myself by explaining the shortcomings of m credit card eyebouncing experience???"

    /me edits his previous request...."If possible, can I have a pre-trained parrot, that knows how to say WASSSSSSUPPPPPPPPPPP! so that I can then approach the head office of Budweiser with my funky new friend, and request an extremely large sum of money in exchange for a day's filming of my pet parrot???"

    /me manages to sort it all out. The parrot arrives in the post thanks to a treocentral parrot lover who wishes to remain anonmyous at this time. Budweiser agree to my proposals.

    /me received the money, and spent it on a revolutionary operation to "unsquash" his previously wife-squashed eye. The operation was a success.

    /me looks back in hindsight, realises his unbelievably ridiculous behaviour, and promises never to re-attempt his eye-bouncing challenge. The eye remains in its socket, following the much more sensible behaviour of his buddy, bclinger.

    /me wishes he read posts more carefully and he wouldn't have had to have had such a terrible adventure in the process. Both of his eyes remain socketed, and along with bclingers set of balls, they sit and await the new version of the most useful excellent product known to Treo-kind.........

    CALLFILTER the next generation!!! Wooohooo!!!

    Respect to Vware
    You rule.

    I hope my credit card is acceptable to you, I promise I have tried to clean up as much of the eye-goo as possible

    The best thing about my treo (and that's saying a lot), is this forum, and the wonderful community it has created - not to mention the unbelievable applications produced by memebers such as Vware, Takephone et al.

    RESPECT, peace, and love to all.

    Disclaimer :-
    This post in no way is meant to upset one-eyed members, or those who wear parrots upon their shoulders. It is merely a temporary act of insanity caused by the overwhelming effect from the knowledge that the Speakable Caller ID thingymebob of Callfilter will have its volume boosted. Please excuse me.
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    Vware, my best buddy

    I really dont want to take the **** by asking this......but it would be sooooo cool if it was possible

    However, I don't know, as I am a web designer, not a programmer, so I may be asking a stupid question here

    If there was a way for when someone rang
    A ringtone played (midi/mp3, or to have the choice would be great)

    and the voice thing that speaks the number, would do it over the top!!

    So I could have some Jazzy tune playing when someone rang, but could hear "Call From 054 123 4567" over the top of it????

    Is that impossible???
    (I'm thinking like in a game, you have background music and sound effects or something)

    IF NOT.....

    Then how about a way to have the ringtone play for a few seconds, stop, the number is announced, then the tune comes back, then the ringtone is announced again and so on!!

    I'm probably asking way tooooo much but it would be soo cool

    Again....IF NOT....
    then could you add just a little 5 note jingle, like dum-dee-dumm-dum-deee
    before the announcement. (Like if you are on call-waiting, or ring the phone number that gives you the time, or any other phone message one normally hears, there is a little musical note(s) at the start - it helps grabs ones attention a lot more.

    To have the number announced is one unbelievably cool thing on a phone, the only downside is that it lacks the funkiness of a tune.

    Don't get me wrong, if this is impossible, it wouldn't stop me using the announcement feature (once louder - wooohoo!)

    However if possible, man.......Callfilter would be worth the purchase if it only did JUST that!
    (And I'm probably not the only one who thinks that)

    Either way........whether you can do this or WISH I could make apps like make my Treo600 worth the money.

    I just dont understand why PalmOne don't contact you to build your intelligence into its OS (and the same goes for the other cool memberrs here like Takephone, and all the other dudes who have made such amazing treo apps, as Soundrec/Movie rec, Takephone, Callfilter, CallShield, TreoAlerts etc etc etc....they all are unbelievable)

    Sorry for yet another long post, I do tend to waffle on (symptom of my ADD), however I still can't get over the amazing things this forum, and some of its members do/have done

    Peace and love to all
    Respect to where its due (and a lot of it to Vware right now, not just for being a great developer.....but for also listening to a user's request and promising to implement it - if only all developers could be like you)

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    cocaine is a helluva drug
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    "Computer games don't affect kids; I mean if Pac-Man affected us as kids, we'd all be running around in darkened rooms, munching magic pills and listening to repetitive electronic music." -Kristian Wilson, Nintendo, 1989
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    No comment..........
    I have days like this (actually every day is like this!)

    For example, I just replied to a post about a dude asking about the treo 2.5mm>3.5mm adapter........a normal basic question........but somehow I managed to fit into my reply a sentence about a 3-eared alien not having enough earphones on the seidio 2in1 adapter for all his ears?!?!!

    Sometimes I just look at my self and sway my head in dismay!

    And I always set out to make a 2 line post, that ends up being a whole's a mixture of my ADD and something mentioned in an earlier post me thinks.

    You should ask my wife!
    As for my 5mo old baby.......everyone thinks he's a mini-me. They say mainly cos he has this massive grin all day long, and sits there giggling to himself.
    (If you wanna see a pic, view my profile)
    He hardly cries. We actually asked the pedeatrician if its ok he's crying so little.
    The doctor said in 20yrs he's never been asked that, but 10times a day he gets asked the opposite.
    LMFAO - my whole family is nuts basically.
    So please excuse my ramblings!
    And yes.......cocaine is a helluva drug ;-)

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