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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlGalgano
    Smartphones are never going to compete with pure PDAs, and I think they are geared towards a different market as well.
    But what happens when phones evolve to the point where it's "good enough"? The phone is probably limited in (upper) size by it's form-factor. Very few people want a phone with a 4" LCD screen. It's probably controversial, but what if the phone could do the PDA functions well enough that the majority of people wouldn't care about full-blown PDAs ?

    One possibility is that the PDA would be squeezed between the smartphones and the sub-notebooks. The PDAs would never loose to the cellphones, but they might disapear, period. I hope it won't happen, because they are really cool gizmos, though

    In the short term (2yrs) I think that the phones can overtake the functions of low/mid end:
    - PDAs
    - MP3 flash players
    - 1.3MP cameras
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    A two device solution is perfect except that one leaves the PDA at home.
    "That's the fact, Jack!" to quote Bill Murray. If I listed every PDA and cell phone I've owned in the last 10 years, I'd be guaranteed a divorce. I can't chronicle the number of times I've crossed the lines between Palm and the dark side. Every time it's back to Palm, and after both a Samsung i500 and Treo 600, I'll NEVER go back to a two (or if you count my iRiver MP3 player - three) device solution - because my PDA never stays behind. Yes, there are compromises, but other than screen size/quality, what can you do on the larger PDA's that you can't do on the Treo - whether M$ or Palm? Better still - how about everything you CAN do on the Treo that you can't on an unconnected PDA (email, browsing, SMS, etc.).

    Yes - we always should be forcing designers to up the ante, but don't bring me half of a solution ever again. Even the light-weight BB 7100t holds promise over the two devices.
    Remember, the "P" in PDA stands for personal.
    If it works for you, it is "P"erfect.
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    Ijust trialed the TREO 600 and now I have in my hands the IPAQ 6315. Very confused! I'm in outside sales, my main concern is a good cell phone and a pda with great contact management / calender in one. Using the Internet and checking emails during the day is nice, but not a priority with me. I've used a PALM in the past, and I currently own the IPAQ 4150, so I'm more comfortable with the PPC. I hate the size of the Ipaq 6315 I'm trialing. It feel weird using it as a cell. I can't decide if getting used to a large cell /ppc will be easier than getting used to using PALM again. Any thoughts?
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    I'm a two device guy now too ... a PDA/phone combo (0.16kg) with a WinXP subnotebook (0.9kg). ;-)

    I found no PDA (Symbian, PPC or Palm) can do all the computing I like to do on the road, including having a keyboard that I can touch type on (though Psion 5 did achieve the latter for me). So the smallest subnotebook with a battery life of more than a working day is the PDA I look for. I sacrifice a little bit on the weight for the power.

    Device 1 - Treo 600 - primary for calendar, contacts, notes synchronize daily with subnotebook.

    Device 2 - Fujitsu P1120 - with extended battery lasting ~8hrs, carried in slipcase in internal meetings, dumped in to my backpack for the road, its WiFi and petite size makes perfect companion while working from Starbucks outlets (and ilk) on the road.

    regards, sabre23t =^.^=
    ... just like to share my 2 devices solution ...
    ... Casio E10 > Psion 5 > Nokia 9110 > Nokia 9210 > Treo600 ...
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    How come many of you never want to comment on the HP IPAQ 6315 PPC/cell? So far the only thing in my opinion that it lacks is the size. It feels to big to use as a cell phone. ANy comments. I'll be deciding on HP or Treo 600 tonight, thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by gator12
    So far the only thing in my opinion that it lacks is the size. It feels to big to use as a cell phone.
    bluetooth helps solve this problem for me (x treo 600 user, now xda 2 user)
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