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    Hi all. I just switched from an i700 to a T600. I have VZW because of the great service and lack of dropped calls and I am dropping calls left and right with my Treo AND have no service in my house! THis is horrible, I feel like I have sprint or cingular again. If this does not resolve, I will have to get rid of the Treo. Has anyone had this problem??? If so, what did you do?

    I've already updated the phone software again.

    Please help!!

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    Yeah.. I used to get great coverage just about everywhere with my Samsung A530. Switched to the Treo 600 on VZW and now I am dropping calls constantly and getting "no service" where I should be ! Someone help me, please?

    1) I am using the latest PRL (*228 updated)
    2) I notice that sometimes it will say "no service" but if I wait a while, it will become like 2 or 3 bars.. without moving. Or I will see 1 bar.. but after a while it will become 3 bars spontaneously. Does this thing have a sluggish ability to search for towers or something?
    3) I get disconnected somewhat frequently with "signal faded." After moving from Sprint to VZW (and using my Samsung) I had never seen this phenomenon.

    What gives? Is there some trick here that I'm missing? I'm sure others are having this problem.. no?

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    I have the same problem. I believe it has to do with the fact that the Treo requires digital signal and Verizon is still using many of there old analog towers. Do you notice the drops while you are traveling?

    I noticed most of mine while driving...I felt like the when I went to hand off to next tower it would drop cuz it wasn't digital???
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    No.. my old samsung was a A530 which is all digital.. no analog capabilities. So the analog bit has been controlled for. That leaves only the possibility of an underperforming treo?!
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    I'm wondering if it has to do with software, the battery, or even a virus? Or with Pocket Tunes?

    I'm having problem connecting with 2 bars, sometimes even full signal strength and disconnect immediately after successful connection for 1 second.

    This is what works for me: when I plug-in the power, it will always work even with 1 or 2 bars. Without the power plugged in, no signal. This seem to me to be a software problem. I did not have this problem with the original software, this is after I upgraded to the latest version.
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    The issue was Treo by Oct/03 has a defective radiio transceiver, so go to your dealer and they will fix it, replace it.
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    I have this problem also.. it is HORRIBLE. I get dropped calls all of the time and if I'm inside any kind of building my signal is pathetic. The only way I can talk on my Treo inside my house is to "aim" the Treo near a window until I get a good signal, then use a headset (if I put the phone up to my ear, the signal will drop again.. it's that sensitive to direction). To top things off, I can't talk with a headset unless I have the Treo plugged in to the charger, or else it creates an annoying buzzing noise which both myself and the person I'm talking to can hear (an alternate fix is to hold the antenna with my hand). I also experience the problem quite often when I'm driving... sometimes just switching which ear I'm holding the phone to will change the signal by 2 or 3 bars. It's very annoying. I thought the phone was great when I first got it, but now I think it's just an expensive piece of poorly made junk. I'm really hoping I just got stuck with a defective one.

    Is it possible to get a replacement Treo if I purchased this one from Handspring's web site during the T-Mobile upgrade promo? I didn't activate any service with it, but currently use it with Cingular. I seem to remember the warranty only being like 30 days or something, but I sure hope I'm remembering wrong... I need to replace this thing before I throw it and shatter it into a million little pieces.. lol.
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    Okay, what I was thinking of was the 90 day phone support... Just noticed that it has a one year warranty... thank god. So where do I take this thing to get it fixed or sent back to PalmOne?
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    Going to answer my own question again, let me know if this is right I think I need to call PalmOne directly and send my Treo in to them for repair/replacement. Was going to use their web site, but it only works for non-Warranty repair at the moment.

    Now, since my Treo is past the 90-day free phone support... will they try to charge me if for some reason they decide the problem I'm having isn't a warranty issue?

    Also, any suggestions on what to do while my Treo is away for repair/replacement? I imagine that I'll be without a phone & wireless email for at least a couple of weeks.. which isn't acceptable, as I use it for business on a daily basis. Thanks!
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    Just discovered "Advanced Exchange", wow I'm on a roll today. Too bad it costs $25
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    But has anyone figured out the deal with verizon on a non-broken Treeo 600? It's really getting annoying.... aggh..

    Please.. someone help here. Can I switch it to use sprint towers (which sucks.. but maybe that's where the problem is?)

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    my verizon treo 600 is totally out of control, people with the vx6000 make calls everywhere in my apartment,.
    my verizon treo is out of service totally unless its in 1 of 2 spots that work enough to tell me i have voicemail

    i am getting a replacement today

    I should have stuck with SPCS
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    u2mir: I unlocked my Sprint phone to use it with Verizon this past March. When I ran the firmware upgrade for the Sprint phone, it popped me back onto Sprint's network, and I needed to redo part of the unlocking in order to get back onto Verizon's maybe that can help you get onto Sprint's network? I never suffered any extra charges, and my signal was MUCH much better.

    Honestly, I blame Verizon's towers and such...I get decent reception in most places except my apartment, wherein I get the 2 bars or no bars bull****. It's gotta have something to do with the material the walls are made out of or something to that extent which blocks or weakens the signal!
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    I had trouble getting service and I called Verizon...I found out that the original customer service person had told me incorrectly to set my settings to home....they should be set to Automatic A. Go to and go to Options....Select Band....highlight Automatic A and then Done.
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    Is this option only available on Verizon branded phones?
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    Weird.. I remember distinctly seeing this option on my phone.. but now its not there! I wonder if another app is interfereing? Jeeze. Is there another way to check it or change it? Any thoughts?!


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    Figured it out.. the Aqua phone skin was hiding the option... Disabling the phone skin restored the menu item to switch the band.

    Hope that helps. I will try tommorow and see how it works. Mine was set to Automatic B.

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    Automatic A or B depends on your region, I would call your local customer service and ask what your phone should be at.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aristarchus
    Automatic A or B depends on your region, I would call your local customer service and ask what your phone should be at.
    In much of the NE, VZW is going to be B, I believe (but don't quote me) - that corresponded to A or B when competition was introduced, and I think all the old Bell companies were assigned to B. Can anyone confirm that?
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    You guys might want to take your phones in for service. I have a Sprint Treo 600 that was exhibiting the same behavior, only it was doing so 8 months after I purchased the phone. In the midst of a call, I would hear a few clicks, see the display read "No Service" and the call would drop. This came on suddenly and continued to worsen over a few days until the phone was finally unuseable.

    I took it to Sprint and they said that their signal meter detected a pathetically weak signal coming from the phone and replaced it free of charge. PalmOne offers a one year warranty on the Treo. It should cover your replacement.

    BTW, this is my THIRD Sprint Treo 600 in less than a year!
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