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    Had my vzw treo now for 3 weeks, and out of 100 or so calls, I've had around 20 drop. Gave *611 ext3, ext3 a call and within 5 minutes they had a new treo on its way to me. Its supposed to be here no more than 24 hours from now. Apparently they are aware of this issue, and it is in fact a problem with the phone. We'll see when the replacement comes though...
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    Actually.. I switched from B to A and I saw about a 60% improvement. Not a full one though. Usually verizon service is rock solid.

    Look, I am on my second treo -- first one died because I dropped it. Both have the same issues with dropped calls. My roommate also bought a treo from verizon. Same issue. What are the odds that its defective hardware?


    Is there technical data out on the receiver sensitivity and transmit powers? (and gain of the antenna?) If so, we could quickly compare the specs with that of my old Samsung A530 (or any good verizon phone) and see if the specs are the same. If not, that may provide a partial answer.

    Any other thoughts?

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    Ive had cingular tmobile and sprint...and 12 replacement t600's across the three ... the machine is just not ready for primetime, and palm1 wont take it back.

    I have tried four other gsm phones with tmobile and now cingular and they perform 100% better than t600. i put the sim in the t600 and get dropped calls, dead dials (dial and nothing happens and goes back to keypad) and stuttering sound. its pathetic .. and so am i for continuing to carry this thing around while people laugh at me.

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    I have a Treo 600 with Verizon service for about a year and a half. It was working perfectly, until recently (last 3 days) when it started exhibiting the same behavior described about. "No Service" even though there were bars, dropped calls in places where I've made thousands of calls. I called Verizon Service (866-788-9387 -- that the number the tech told me was the direct tech support line). The long and the short after a soft reset, *228, hard reset and the problem continuing a new phone is on its way.
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    After spending 45 minutes on the phone with Verizon customer support, I called the number in Astras note above. I had them read what I went through already and they authorized a replacement on the spot. The pointer is greatly appreciated.
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