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    Hey guys...well this is just such a n00b question but im gonna ask it anyways. Feel free to laugh at me

    okay, as i posted before i am getting a new treo

    now...when i get it i want to start fresh....with the exception of being able to send my contacts back to my phone.

    Now my profile right now is kalladin; and well im gonna have to call my next treo kalladin as well (as i believe butler is profile name dependant)...

    So yeah the overall question is;

    Given that my new phone will be under the profile of kalladin how i do;
    Sync only the contacts from my old phone (which go to outlook), and not have any of my old apps installed (as i want to make sure i dont send over corrupt files)

    i hope this question makes sense...and well i really much appreciate your insight and such

    thanks guys!
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    Rename your backup folder and sync.
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    there should be sticky on this. as far as i know u can choose what you want hotsynced and what you don't in hotysync manager. correct me if i am wrong but this is the similar to what you would do if you format your hard-disk and want to keep original contacts and all the info via a hotsync. in your case, do a DESKTOP OVERWRITES PDA. in the case of a formatted PC, do a PDA overwrites DESKTOP.
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