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    so with the treo 600 or 650 will I be able to access my emaiul account or will I need to have a seperate email acount for the treo 650? I'm not sure if this is what your guys mean by push email.
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    You can use the built-in email software to access your POP3 or IMAP email. It isn't push capable though. For that you will need a third party app such as Chatter Email. At $25 with free life time upgrades it is quite a bargain. There are other out there but Chatter is gaining quite a following.
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    push e-mail means that when you are sent mail, it is pushed to your device (in this case the Treo 600) and you are alerted instantly. What generally comes with the Treo is pull e-mail where you set it up to check for new mail every so often (like 15 minutes). Blackberry has gained a following due to it's push e-mail.

    of course all this is dependant on what kind of e-mail account you have. They aren't all the same.
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    So I could set it up like have on my compuuter to check for email every min? Just as long as I have unlimited use of wireless internet use. ??

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