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    I am looking for a software that would help me keep tabs of monies owed to me by people, sort of a Debit/Credit journal with individual account status.

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    Splash Money was included with your Treo. Set up each debtor as their own account and it should work fine.
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    Thanks for the suggestion, but I was looking for something that was designed more specifically for something like this.
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    IOU Mate
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have tried IOU Mate but it does not serve my purpose. I need something where I can keep seperate accounts of several people with multiple transactions in each account and wherein balances are automatically updated. IOU Mate on the other hand simply makes single entries for each individual and does not really keep an account wherein the balance is automatically updated. I can't believe there is no program that does this, what with the thousands of Palm OS programs around.

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