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    I just got my new replacement Treo 600 since my old one kept resetting, etc. I did a restore device using Backup Man and all seemed ok until I go to Camera (or to Movie Rec) and the screen is all lines and static. It is not that it is blue dots or whatever, it is like a tv between channels! I had Pickem set as a program also and looked at it there as well and get the same thing. This did not happen on my old Treo 600. I know the Sprint Tech 2 people will be no help. Somebody! I did a search but found nothing on here.
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    Hard reset and see if the camera works. It probably won't.

    Sounds like you got a bum replacement.

    Was it new or refurbuished?

    If it's a sprint phone dial ##786. Scroll down to Refurb Status. It will either say yes or no.
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    It looks like it had something to do with the Saved Preferences. When I restore all but that, it is fine (but I lose my saved preferences for everything).
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    I bet it is/was something with Pickem, at least the older version I used to have. I had that happen a couple of times. Can't remember how I fixed it, might have been from deleting Pickem
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    my camera seems screwed in the same way as well. i do not use pickem, but i did use backupman. i do a hard reset, and the camera is still screwed! please help!

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