Hi, for what it is worth I went into the local ATTWs store today and asked if they knew anything about a new Treo coming out.

The rep told me that the Palm guy comes in about once a week to see how sales are going, and has mentioned a new model is coming but they had no information on it yet, or any release dates ect ect.

One thing I did notice was that they had a clearance bin full of Treo USB craddles for sale at $8.00 each. Seems pretty low for anything at an ATT store. Maybe there is some truth to the thread on 600 accesories not being compatible with any new model and the are trying to dump inventory

Anyway for what it is worth I wish Palm would make some knind of announcement. I am done with my obligation to ATT and am ready to see what they have coming before I make any new commitment. I am defintely looking at alternatives.

Come on Palm, the market is passing you by.