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    4 week old treo 600 gone off to repair of vertical lines on screen.

    On its return do I just need to do a hot sync to get back all the various settings and prefs (ie favourites, tones, sms, email, views, button settings etc etc) or do I need to use back up buddy. The Treo600 takes days to set up how I like it - want to avoid this if I can.

    Really want to just do a normal hot sync as back buddy is on trial and don't want to pay the $30 if I can avoid it.
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    I use BackupBuddy and I like it because it makes my Syncs go faster. It does backup everything that changed since the last Sync and achives applications that you delete to an archive folder on your PC. You can also exclude applications and datafiles from being backed up (for instance AvantGo datafiles).

    If it takes days to setup your Treo to your liking, then a $30 investment seems reasonable.
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    Having tried the major 3rd party sync programs, I recomment Backup Buddy for device to desktop backups. For backups from the device to SD card, I reccomend BackupManager.

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    Thanks for these comments - but what will a normal hot sync do after a hard reset?

    Does it restore your favourites,
    set up your prevesious ringtone and
    restore server addresses for emails
    etc etc?

    Its all these fiddly prefs that I want to avoid but if hoy sync does it I cannot really see a need for backup buddy.
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    Suppose to and is a definite yes if done from the card with BackupMan. I have BackupBuddy and BackupMan and use only BackupMan. On the desktop I use BackupBuddy 'cause it's just a great program that backups the main memory and the SD card.

    When I got my replacement phone, I installed everything from the SD card using the latest backup made by BackupMan. I installed, calibrated the screen, set the contast and walked out of the Sprint store. What a day in paradise. Phone worked and after getting it reprovisioned, have not had a problem at all.


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