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    This has been asked before but I'm looking for more current information. Can anybody tell me of any local spots in New York City for Treo Accessories? I am particularly interested in getting the Headphone Adapter without having to pay shipping.

    (Yes, I know about Radio Shack's product, but I really want one with an L joint -- it's safer for the Treo.)

    (Has anyone tried Seidio's? It looks awkward with that little bit of cable in there. Is that a plus or a minus?)

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    The Seido stuff is nice because it let's you access incoming phone calls. Various types to meet your needs, and no I am not a shill, just a fan of the products. I haven't used my palm adapter in months.

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    RCS Computer Experience (56th and Madison)

    There is a separate cell phone store within the store. They carry many accesorries for the Treo 600.
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    Great thanks! There used to a RCS accross the street from my work and I know they had a big Handspring inventory. They closed two strores in the area and I didn't realize they had any more stores.
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    Not that it's in NYC, but pretty close. At Newark International Airport there is a store with all Treo Accessories available.
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    Check out Cellular King on 33rd Street and 3rd Avenue. He has a ton of accessories. I've bought a few things from him (headsets mostly). You can reach them at (212) 889-5555 and their website is

    Kenny was pretty cool when I met him. He sells much of his stuff on eBay.

    Good luck.
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    anyone know of any places in Long Island ?

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