Hey guys. I've been trolling here for a while, and I can see that a lot of people have been looking for an external keyboard for the 270/300. I have a Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard that works almost flawlessly. The 270 sits snugly in it and is only a little wabbly if you want to use the touch screen. It has a little mouse pad with a mouse that actually moves about on the screen of the Treo. Holding down the [shift] key while moving the mouse selects text like shift-arrow on a PC, and fn-mouse moves the cursor around (you can make it an arrow, an "x" or a little square). There are a bunch of hard-coded hot keys, and you can map fn-0 to fn-9 to any program or many actions such as "page down" or "ok".

Amazon has it for a little over $50 right now, and I was able to install it under Linux because the CD came with the PRC file separate from any installer. It's one PRC file to make the whole thing work.

After installing the PRC, just enter the IR application, turn on the keyboard, and make sure "beam receive" is turned on in the prefs.

Here's a link to amazon.com (not an afiliate link):

Coupled with tuSSH I can shell into my Linux server and do anything I want. Hope this helps some fat-fingered speed typers.