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    I need to design a simple webpage for my corporate site that will allow our Treo600 users interface.

    If I program in pretty vanilla HTML, and keep the display width as 160, will I be pretty safe, or do I need to worry about anything else special with Blazer?

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    Don't worry about the page size - Blazer will scale it nicely.
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    Yeah. Just worry about speed. You know, don't put the entire text of War and Peace on one page :-).
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    or a 8 megapixel picture of bill gates _trying_ to use windows
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    You don't necessarily have to worry about the width with Blazer since it will make it fit the display on the Treo 600. Keeping the pages fairly simple and with minimal and small graphics is best.
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    One of the best features writing mini pages I got the "old school" way: reading other people's source code. Put 'accesskey="1"' inside an anchor tag, and when you press the 1 key in Blazer, it will access that link. MUCH better than tabbing through an entire page of links to get to the weather. You could have access to 100 sites within 2 key presses this way. Talk about good user interface.

    As a side note, you can embed a google search if you register with Google. They will load a page that has the code. Or you can swipe it from my page.

    Old school my mini site here (use a browser to get at the code, but use your Treo to work the function). Caution, I wrote it for me, so some of my links will not be useful to everyone.
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    Remember, the 160 x 160 screen resolution includes an navigation and / or scrolling bars that may appear on the screen. To be safe, you'll want to keep your design elements at a width of about 150 pixels to allow for the vertical scroll bar that will almost assuredly appear on the right of the browser screen.

    Blazer will deal with graphics and such and make them fit pretty nicely on a screen regardless of size, but you might want to consider keeping the grapics to a minimum to optimize your bandwidth and speed of loading. Each graphic just takes more megabytes away from other uses.

    If you have a multi-platform audiance with Pocket PCs and such, you still want to take "smaller screen" issues into account for ease of navigation and surfing. I focus on loading speed first and then add any graphics that are necessary second. Ultimately, it's the form should follow function -- unless you're trying to win some art award.
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