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    I currently have a Plam Vx that has OS version 3.3 on it. I will be getting the Treo 600 hopefully soon which ships with OS5, correct? My question is, did they remove the old MemoPad application and replace it with a stickynote-type application? Someone told me they did in OS5 but I'm not sure they knew what they were talking about. I currently use the MemoPad to jot down quick notes and it syncs with "Notes" in Outlook. I also have a 3rd party app called DiddleBug that acts almost like a stickynote application where I can jot write on the screen and set an alarm.

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    I use Memopad everyday as well on my Tungsten T & doubt it if Palm has removed it from the Treo 600 - it should be there! The confusion could have come in when the M105 came out with the new Notepad app, but all the Palms I've had since my M105 (M505 & T|T) has both! Just installed Diddlebug again as well, works better than Notepad for me anycase...
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    That must be what it was, Notepad AND Memopad. Cool, thanks.

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