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    Less and Less pressure on PalmOne?

    A week or so ago there were a number of posts on how PalmOne would be dead if it didn't get it's announcement soon because of all the competition coming (now blackberry, nokia 9300, etc.) The posts pointed to the dropping stock price. As of now, the stock price has slowly crept up to get back half of those losses. I find that a not so interesting development, but I thought I'd point it out.
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    Here's why I'm getting the BB over the Treo 650:

    1) BB's simply work. Assuming this unit is no better (or worse) than other BB/phone combos I've had, the 7700 will be completely stable. And I mean completely. As in never, EVER having to reset it in any way. I've used a Treo 180, 270, 600 and a PocketPCPhone, ALL of which required soft resets at least a few times per week and an occassional hard reset. Like my car, I don't like my phone to crash. The BB/phone combo I used never ever crashed.

    2) It's materially cheaper and has substantially similar core functionality *for my usage patterns* which i've gotten to know pretty firmly over the years. I need a phone that doesn't crash, a really nice screen, push email, basic PIM/sync functionality and modest amounts of upgradeabiliity

    By the way for those claiming the BB has no OS you're speaking out of turn - the embedded BB OS is actually quite super. As for adding 3rd party apps, it's sort of an 80/20 thing - yes the number of apps you can add is quite small. However, like a mac, most of the bases are covered. And in any case, for *me*, for *my* usage patterns, the BB is pretty much perfect (I'd prefer if it included the bluetooth profile for data exchange so it could be used as a modem but that's by no means a deal breaker b/c I hardly ever do that now).

    Finally for whomever it was that would take the Sidekick (II) over the BB, you either:
    a) don't use your device as a phone
    b) have never actually tried to dial a number on a Sidekick that wasn't already in the units phonebook (something that occurs a great deal in the real world...) because if you had then you'd know what a complete PITA it is

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    Those are all solid points anthonymoody. I agree with the crashing thing, but to put that simply the more things that a device can do, the more likely it is to crash. I don't recall DOS crashing on me at all. Windows did all the time (and still does at times). However Windows let me do more, so I was okay with that. If you don't need more that Palm provides then crashes could be quite an annoyance. In order to listen to mp3s, I'm willing to deal with the 6 crashes or so I've had in 10 months. It's a trade-off, but one I'm happy to make.

    I don't think anyone would argue that BB does it's core functionality very well. I think a Palm is close to the same once they get that RIM BB Connect client going.

    How well does the BB do instant messaging with AOL, Yahoo, and MSN? I'm just curious as I haven't heard anyone really speak to that.
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