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    Guys this is my first post so apologises for any break in protocol. are showing an estimated realease date of 1st Nov. They have a photo of the new Treo and specs.

    Blue tooth
    1.3 MP camera
    No wifi

    May be wrong but thought you would like to check it out.
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    he got this information in there since two months, based mainly on speculation to attract customers the rather cheapish way
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    Cheers for the info didn't realise this
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    A couple things jump out at me from that spec sheet that doesn't fit with info released here:

    -64 MB of ram
    -reflective CSTN screen with 320x320 resolution!?!!

    A reflective, color STN?!!!!! I wonder if this is true? I reflective screen would make sense b/c it would be easier to view outdoors compared to transflective screens found on other P1 devices, but it's still un-nerving. Also, Weebitobbsessed stated that it would only be 32 MB of ram...if incorrect, that would be a plus...
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    ya.. The screen that I am aware of is a transreflective 16 bit 320x320 TFT screen, NOT like the current CSTN screen on the Treo 600.

    Memory is always the easiest specification to change.. so I wouldn't be to concerned.

    But still, it's old info gleamed from other sources (mainly treocentral)
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    isn't the same place that had a 'coming soon' on the Treo 610 awhile back?
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    and the treo 610, as we've said all along, and how people are finally agreeing with, is the cameraless Treo 600.
    -Michael Ducker
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