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    Found a reason for the echo on the Treo 600 GSM and maybe others.

    Just a FYI for those with a Treo 600 GSM (maybe other models) that experience an echo(on the person phone who you are talking) when you turn the volume up beyond 50 %. I have found that the mic hole on my Covertec case is off by a lot and this causes the mic hole to be covered up. The echo only appears when the hole is covered, so I assume that it can only pick up sound from inside of the phone when it is covered. Hope this helps someone.
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    Yes, you are absolutely correct. I have the brown Covertec case and when I first got it, others I called said there was an echo in one of the few times I didn't use a handsfree. (About 99.9% of the time, we use retractable handsfree)

    Looking at the mic, I noticed the mic's opening was slightly covered with just a small amount of flash and just a fraction out of line. I was able to clean up the opening with a very fine jeweler's file by spinning it a couple times in the opening.

    When I got my case, it was backordered from the manufacturer as it was one of the first brown cases. I have had this case now since early February and it is still an excellent case as it is now "wear-fitted" to my Treo. It looks better now than new. Recently got the Covertec red leather case for my wife's 600 and it's hole is right on and just slightly larger. The red leather case is really classy indeed.
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