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    When I save a web page or save it as a bookmark, is there a way that I can view it without my Treo having to establish a connection on the internet. It seems as though every time I try to view a page offline, my Treo tries to establish a connection first. It also seems to take at least 2-3 minutes to establish a connection. Is this normal? Thanks for the information.
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    Unfortunately blazer doesn't offer alot of flexibility in viewing offline pages. In fact, you can't even go back in the cache if you exit blazer and then go back it! It also does not allow you to save offline pages to the card unfortunately...

    I personally recommend you try a 3rd party brower like WebPro or Xiino if you want to save your offline pages. They both offer alot more options and are better at things like downloading files (webpro) and rendering images. Xiino is also quite fast as is Webviewer (probably fastest of all) but requires you load the Java runtime on the Treo... Good luck...
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    I can save a page in Blazer and it does not need to connect. I even hit the disconnect button to see if it will try to reconnect before displaying the page, it displayed the saved page without reconnecting.
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    I also went to my Blazer history, (with my connection setting at "always ask me before connecting to the Internet" checked) I was able to view the pages I have previously view with one minor complain, Blazer kept asking to connect. It really should not need to reconnect as your able to view the history pages offline. There should be a setting that says don't connect and don't ask.

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