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    Hi there, I'm new to treo central and just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Joel and I'm from Hawaii. I'll be getting my Treo 600 from T-mobile either today or tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.

    I've browsed the forums and this seems to be a very nice and helpful community. I hope to be able to contribute to this community.

    Just some background info, I've been a palm owner and a pocket pc owner... I have owned the following devices:

    Casio Cassiopea (i think that's its name)
    Handspring Visor
    Palm M130
    Dell Axim
    Palm Zire 21
    Sony Clie NX90
    Sony Clie UX60 (Currnetly still own)

    Now I'm itching to get my Treo 600 in that will take the place of my Clie UX 60 and my Sony Ericson phone.

    I can hardly wait.
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    welcome. i think you'll find that once you have a converged device, you won't be able to imagine having to carry around more than 1 device.

    too bad you couldn't wait for the next Treo which looks to be out sometime before Christmas (general consensus) which will offer hi-res screen, bluetooth and a 1.3 mp camera.

    btw, i'm jealous that you're in hawaii. maui is one of my favorite places.
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    I never saw the new Treo... I wonder if palm offers upgrades.... Maui is nice. I'm on the island of Oahu Which is equally nice Heheheh Thanks for the warm welcome.
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    Just got it in this past weekend! I love it! It's the best think since slice bread! The camera is more of a novelty... can't wait till the 650 comes out! I'm getting that too!
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    Aloha Xanax,

    And welcome to TC! I think you have a window to return the Treo which may coinside with the new Treo Release rumored for Oct/Nov.

    P.S. You should add a nice Hawaiian Avatar to wet the appetite for us less fortunate folks.
    "Everyday is a Gift, A Blessing, An Opportunity!" - GM

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