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    I am trying to use Softick PPP with Blazer, while EudoraWeb works, Blazer cannot... it always try to connect to does anybody got an idea why? I have even tried hard reset. I am being very frustrated now...
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    That's probably the proxy server address set in Blazer. Blazer doesn't require a proxy to function, so if it is set, there shouldn't be any harm in unsetting it. I would make sure to write down the proxy address before you unset it to be safe.

    Menu -> Options -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Set Proxy
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    Oh, thanks for your quick reply, but I am 100% sure there is no proxy set.
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    Default homepage?
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    whatever the default homepage is, it tries to connect
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    I have the same problem also. Which Treo are you using? Mine is Treo 650 with the latest 1.13 update.
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    Hmmmm... Check the proxy and home page (I can't imaging what else it would be) in Blazer. If it is not that, check the network settings in preferences. 192.168.x.y is a private address range (non-routable), so it may be that you have a network connection set up for reverse DUN or something that is being used by default in BLazer....
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    I know what's happening. Blazer is using the WAP proxy from my phone network provider in HK (HKCSL), even I didn't set the proxy setting. I couldn't find a way to bypass it, except to run a local proxy on the PC my Treo is connecting to.

    Seems like it's configured to access web thru GPRS.

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