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    The quick launch feature for web sites is no longer working on my quick launch from the phone screen. It works for applications like calculator, but it will not work for web sites I have set up. It used to work just fine, but now it is not working. I have done a soft reset, deleted and set them up again, but still nothing. Anyone have any ideas what to do?
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    If your problem is the same as mine, occasionally my Treo "forgets" that Blazer is the default web application. I have to go into Prefs and click on Default Apps and even though Blazer is the only application in there, I have to call it up and select it.

    Then going back to the phone screen will allow the web quick launches to function.
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    Thank you. That did the trick. I knew there had to be a selection someplace. Thanks again.
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    No problem! I only wish I knew what caused the Treo to "forget"!
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    I recently installed Web Pro Browser and I think the problem occured about the same time. When there are two browsers present it must get confused. I did only have one selection under browser as you said so I don't know how it could get confused. Oh well, I know what to do now.
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    Your unsaved preferences file stores most file associations including file handlers & URL and mailto: linkages. The other browser is probably the culprit. It may not be aware of the Treos mechanism for associating URLs.

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