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    I recently starting using the Goodlink corporate e-mail solution for the T600. Unfortunately, when you install the software on the handheld it installs separate contact, calendar, task, memo functions on top of the existing Palm programs. My phone's contacts now show only the ones that I sync through Outlook. I can no longer access my old contacts. I know the database is in the phone still because apparently when the Good software is removed the old contacts reappear.

    Does anyone know how to identify which palm files contain the old contact and calendar information? Then, how would I access those files with another program to see which contacts and appointments I'm missing?

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    Goodlink is syncing with the same Outlook/Exchange info as Pocketmirror did so isn't the information the same? I also use Goodlink and found some slight difference in the Contact format but I like the calendar...and he push email is phenomenal.

    You may be able to re-install Pocketmirror by reloading the CD and selecting Outlook. You also may be able to use Beyond Contacts, on top of Good. Not sure if there would be a conflict.

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    I had the same issue when I installed Goodlink. I solved the problem by deleting Good Calendar and Good Contacts applications from the Palm. That leaves your former calendar and contacts software which presumably synchs with whatever calendar and contacts program you have on your desktop. For some reason, however, when I first push the Calendar button, it still brings up the Good Calendar program, but if I push the button while the Treo is in phone mode, I access my former calendar program.

    If you don't like the way it works, you can always re-install the Good Calendar and Contacts application.
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    Not sure how to find the files, but here are two ways you can try to get around this:

    1- Uninstall Good, then sync your palm to your Outlook account that Good will be accessing

    2- Uninstall Good, sync to your desktop to make sure you've got a good backup, then reinstall Good, and restore from your desktop-- you should be able to get all your info back.
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    Uninstall Good.

    Sync you palm to your outlook.

    Re-install good. All your stuff will be in GoodLink.
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    All of you who use goodlink, how do you like it? Is it as good as blackberry? Are you able to receive calls when its pushing an email?
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    what about Biz Connection for Sprint users... I'm liking it so far. You can even access files on the host.
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    Business Connection is great and costs 50% less than GoodLink. Also supports much wider array of devices for companies that have users on devices other than Treo. Installation was very easy; <30 minutes. The mail client comes preloaded on Sprint devices so no need for IT staff to cradle synch devices; end users simply provision themselves by clicking on the getBC icon and entering their credentials.

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