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    I am on my 2nd Treo 600 (Sprint)

    All has been fine for the past 3 months, a few weeks ago I noticed that my Treo could barely hold the charge for more than 5 hours. It never had a problem before that.

    I went to a SPrint store and of course after they "tested" the phone they said they could not find any problems.

    I went to a 2nd store and they immediately ordered up a replacement, which I need to go and pick up

    Here is the strange part,

    Just the other day, I received a SMS message that had been sent several weeks beforehand (Yeah SPrint).
    When I went to the SMS icon and cleared out 3 text messages that I never knew I had, I immediately saw an improvement on the battery life.

    It is as good as new

    So here are my questions....

    #1) Do you think the SMS messages being stuck and never retrieved were causing a substantial drain
    #2) Eventhough the phone seems to be working fine, should I go ahead and pick up the replacement or just blow it off??
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    I noticed that some freeware I loaded last week did the same thing. I was going to try a battery meter/recorder and test installing and uninstalling certain bits. One that I want to test is PPrefs, freeware that sets the buttons to certain profiles. It's very cool for work vs home vs car, but my power consumption seemed to jump.

    So...I would tell you to blow off the phone replacement, unless you have other issues (scratches, damage, continuous soft resets, etc). But, just mho.
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    Battery Drain, re-booting to hard start (total wipe out of data), small red X over the battery icon and not taking a chrage. Says battery low shutting of in 30 seconds and if I am quick enough to hit the reset button on the right then it stays on for about 30 minutes more otherwise it did a hard reset.

    Ooops, this is my fourth now and I hope it does'nt do it again otherwise I am going to be really pi__ed!

    T-mobile was very nice in the "I'm sorry to hear that" dept and we'll credit you for the lost time but the credit magically never seems to appear, ooops.

    As for extra programs, according to palm it's a software issue but according to t-mobile it's a hardware issue and they just sent another treo 600 to me.

    How to I take some of my programs that I do not want to keep on my treo off from my laptop so when I do the back up they don't get reinstalled?

    I don't need Documents to go or a couple of other programs and I have them on the treo but if I delete them on the treo they reappear after I do a sync.

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    Hi miowname,

    Kevin from palmOne here. To find out how to avoid reinstallation of programs from your laptop go to

    Type 5417 into the Search by Solution ID box. This will bring you to the article,
    "Deleting applications and data from your device". Look beneath the "Why do deleted applications come back?" heading for info on this issue.


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    Kevin Michaels
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    I too have noticed a less than desireable battery life. I have had my Treo for 6 mo now (yes, when it was still Handspring, I still have the leaper on the back cover) and I love it until recently. I used to charge it once every day or two which seemed fair considering how much I use the thing. Now I'm lucky if that same charge lasts 3/4 of a day. I feel like I'm strapped to my desk again... :-(

    I thought the reason I got a mobile device was so that I could spend time away from my desk.

    Anyway, one day last week I went to turn it on and it was dead I tried to hook it up to the car charger and no luck so I brought it to the service center/store and let the tech have a look. He brought it back out about ten minutes later and said all he had to do was hook it up to the charger. I noticed all my data was gone and the battery was at 98%... weird. They recommended I return it, that's when I called Lock/Line.

    I just received my new Treo and I AM NOT accepting it. The silent switch is pretty much stuck in one position and the screen has a blueish dull tint no matter what display settings I set it to.

    Funny thing is, It says "Certified Refurbished" on the package. I wanna know "who" certifies these things???

    Anyone have any experience returning the replacement while keeping your original and waiting for yet another new one?

    Thanks for letting me vent.


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