My wife is saying that I'm spending more money on cases and extras than I did on my 600 itself and she is probably correct. My latest case is the Krusell with the opening over the screen but the keyboard is covered. I really like this case except for one thing, I barely have to touch it and my SD card pops out. Question 1 - has anyone run across any other cases that are close to the Krusell - have a covered keyboard, open screen and swivel clip but keeps the SD card from popping out all the time? Question 2 - and I know this belongs over on the SD board, but I've thought about filing my SD card down but am afraid of ruining it. Is it really difficult to file down? I am not very good with that kind of thing and knowing me would probably ruin the card, but if very easy will try. Question 3 - I've thought about just cutting a little slot in the Krusell case over the card, but once again don't want to ruin the case (but heck if it's not doing the job what does it matter). Has anyone else done this? Other than the SD card always popping out, I really like this case.