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    bluetooth with support for the A2DP so I can use tereo headphones with it.
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    Advanced audio profile A2DP is very rare these days and requires a lot of processing power and BT 1.2 stack. This might not be a good match with a battery device that is also a phone. This is meant to be a way to allow laptops share music with amplifiers and with headphones.
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    WIFI with the announced VODAFONE VPA III, and the already known XDA III, which sport about the same feats, PALM is REALLY going to be left behind even b4 they release the ACE.

    is it THAT hard to understand ?

    w-i-f-i !!!

    ...and no more talks about battery life or difficult implementation, plz...
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    Smaller / Lighter / No antenna
    Cobalt (or WinCE )
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    if it had wifi i would buy two the day it came out
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    T3 size, cobalt and 128 mb ram.

    I like a big screen, and carried my Vx with me, so a T3-sized Treo with phone functionality would be fantastic.
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    ha...Reliability. That's exactly what I clicked through to post as well. From network search on the 600 to broken flips on the 300. I'm eager to see what the 650 brings us when it comes product failure.

    Other than that though, I'm actually quite happy. It's just a friggin' hassle, as an early adopter, to have these things last a few months and then fail making you go to the store to haggle with some sales clerk about how others are having the same issues.

    I'll wait for the 650 to be out for awhile myself. Aside from reliability though, frankly I'd like to see something that more up to the carriers than it is to Palm - a faster network.
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    1. UMTS
    2. > 1.3 Megapixel high quality camera with a quality flash that actually works, zoom, etc..
    3. Smaller, lighter form factor
    4. If no UMTS, then EDGE and WiFi would probably satisfy me until a UMTS version comes out.
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    I want a $600 remote control
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    Quote Originally Posted by archie
    This summer, PalmSource licensed Extended System's SDK version 2.0 (Bluetooth SIG 1.2), which does support the coexistence of Bluetooth communications alongside 802.11; BUT, I think it may be to optimistic to believe that this will make it into the next Treo though. Palm is inherently slow with things like this and waits to the last possible moment to incorporate that which we scream for to soak us for all we got.

    On top of this, EDR is basically a tag on piece of technology that has come about in the last couple of months... which basically means we probably won't see this for another couple of years.
    Palm received approval of its Bluetooth 1.2 Stack for Palm OS Cobalt yesterday from the Bluetooth Qualification Program. This will NOT be on the Treo however as the Treo will be using 5.4, which is not Cobalt.


    I like my Treo and maybe someday will purchase another model but I find it frustrating that in searching for Palm based products on this site you only come up with about 5 individual entries; BUT in searching for any other phone/PDA manufacturer name using Bluetooth, you come up with pages and pages of entries compared to the lonely few on the 1 page of Palm.
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    Features that would make me upgrade in a heartbeat:
    EDGE (or UMTS/3G)
    But strong influencers are:
    Hi Res Screen (650 has)
    Faster Processor (650 has)
    I don't care about anything else.
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    1) Hi-res

    2) Bluetooth (don't ask me why)

    3) Faster processor

    4) Better (usable) camera like the Zire 71's

    5) More memory - I know that we are being told not to expect this but one of the posts about the Taiwanese manufacturer of the 650 said 32/64 MB so there is still hope!
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    Honestly, there were two things I really wanted;
    1. A high resolution screen.
    2. Bluetooth.
    Other than that there are two REAL reasons I'm upgrading the day it comes out.
    1. Too many of my peers own the 600 now, and they act like they're as cool as I am, even though they're just now buying them, and I've had mine since last October. I gotta do something to make them RECOGNIZE!!!!
    2. I am on assignment in Alabama and it really sucks. I don't like the people I'm working with (they're idiots or I wouldn't be here) and my family and friends are NINE hours away! Life just kinda sucks right now. So, if the rumours about October prove true, it will be coming out just as I'm coming homw, and I can't think of a better way to reward myself for dealing with these incompetents for the last three months!
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    1. Too many of my peers own the 600 now, and they act like they're as cool as I am, even though they're just now buying them, and I've had mine since last October. I gotta do something to make them RECOGNIZE!!!!

    hahahhahaha...oh boy...that was funny.
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    To make me switch back to Palm from XDA II

    1) Reliability - My biggest problem with the Treo 600 (not a quality product)
    2) WiFi - Something it may not have?
    3) HiRes - this it has
    4) Bluetooth - this it has, but not sure of profiles yet

    Even if I do switch I will be waiting a while, not buying early this time and getting poor quality product!
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    1) Wi-fi
    2) Availability before I give up waiting

    Definitely Treo 650 if it has wifi, if it doesn't then I will have some difficult decisions to make.
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    1. Decent Web Browser - Current Palm Web browsers are horrid at best. If it's just not possible to do a decent web browser than go back to PQAs.
    2. Voice Activated Dialing - A lot of other phones have was a great feature on my Kyocera and Samsungs. I know I can get it from Sprint...but it costs and isn't as easy as having it built into the phone.
    3. Longer Battery Life - A replaceable battery doesn't really help if it's some proprietary item that's going to cost $100+.
    4. Headpone input doesn't require scraping chunks away from the rubber around most headphone's mail connector.
    5. SD slot that doesn't require you file down the top of the card to keep it from constantly popping out.
    6. Quality Control in the manufacture of the device
    7. A less obnoxious solution than KeyGuard that doesn't require 2 extra pieces of software (keep off and Butler) to solve.
    8. Speaking of Butler...shouldn't most of the features in that fine program just be incorporated into the phone? alarm clock on a there's a concept!
    9. Bluetooth might be nice...although having to worry about battery life on a headphone now too seems painful.
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    I like (and support) all 9 of your points. It would also be nice to have a jack for headphones and a jack for you don't need special headphones or a silly adapter for listening to music...ahh....dare to dream!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Druce MacFarlane
    Two Words...

    Better Reliability.
    Amen. All this stuff (BT, Wi-Fi, Hi-rez screen, etc.) is nice, but I don't know about the rest of you, what I really want the most is a Treo 600 with no battery drain/buzzing/humming/freeze-up problems.
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    I would upgrade even if the 650 were the same as the 600.
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