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    Something is wrong with my screen (see attached picture). I think I cracked it or something. The touch screen and everything else works perfectly. I didn't drop it or anything. This probably happened during a roller coaster ride while it was in my pocket. But I don't remember banging it on anything.

    So is it possible to buy a screen somewhere to install yourself or do I have to shell out the $180 to palmone to get it fixed?
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    Try warrenty exchange, as yellow pixels are a known problem. I'm not sure those are yellow pixels, but yellow is yellow. Nothing to lose by trying. Talk fast and sweet--good luck
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    Do you see a visible crack? Because as Hubba23 says, we've heard of issues like that before, although I've never seen one myself.
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    Yup the spot is yellow. But I don't really see any cracks. You can sort of see the spot even if the screen is off though. While it is off the screen seems to be a little bit lighter in that area.
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    Call it in. Be gentle with them.

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    This looks like a hairline crack to me that has admitted moisture into the LCD. Yellow under the LCD like this is due to moisture. If you have a clearer LCD crack, the crack usually has some blue coloration too.
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    Thanks for the help, just about to send it in.

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