I just posted a message on the SnapperMail Yahoo forum but thought I'd check in here as well.

I just got my 600 and am in the midst of the 15 day trial of Snapper. Thanks to Treo-Mike and others I configured the IMAP service to retrieve mail via Mergic VPN from an Exchange 2003 server.

Everything was working gloriously for 2 days, however now the retrieval is failing with UIDVALIDITY - permanent flags and other assorted error msgs.

I followed the Snapper website suggestion to enable diagnostic logging via the *BUG* command - the funny thing is, as soon as I enable logging the retrieval works perfectly! The second I disable the logging it fails again. I've checked server side and the IMAP service is running w/o any event log errors.

Curious if anyone else on 2.0 using IMAP w/VPN is seeing this? There were 2 other similar posts on Yahoo.

Thanks. I like the app well enough but I do need it to be reliable.