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    I have a T600 (Verizon) that came bundled with the Viewer edition of Documents To Go. I installed the trial version of the "Premium" edition and didn't like it. After removing it, I'm unable to launch the an attachment. All 4 of the original files from my "add-on" folder were re-installed. They are:


    When I click on an attachment, I get the following error:An application to launch that document cannot be found.

    Neither Verizon nor Dataviz is willing to help me, each claims it's the other's responsibility.
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    Use FileZ to remove all the DataViz files and then reinstall the bundled portion. You may have to erase your system settings if worse comes to worse, but save that for last.

    Just for giggles, why did you not like the Preimuim version?
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    Thanks for the tip. My issue with the premium edition is that 99% of the attachments I get are .doc and .xls, and I rarely if ever need to edit or create a document on the Treo. Viewing is good enough.

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