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    Sorry for being dim, but i see several different types of bt200?/bt250 on ebay and elsewhere.

    One headset has a cord and 2.5mm jack coming out of it and others don't. I also see a small round object with a cord and jack on some versions.

    It seems like the round object is either a charger for the headset or is that the dongle that sticks in the earphone jack on the bottom of the treo?

    It seems odd that they advertise it as a wireless headset yet there is a wire coming out of some of the headsets (in the pictures).

    Bottom line is, i just want to get the headset with the separate dongle for the treo 600 and i'll be on my merry way.

    Thanks for the clarification...

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    Forget eBay - this is where I got mine:
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    The difference in Jabra headsets is that the T600 does not have Bluetooth within the unit. As such, you have to connect the T600 to a Bluetooth module which then communicates with the Jabra earpiece. This is why you see the wire coming off of the round object (Bluetooth module). You plug the 2.5mm jack on the end of the wire into the earphone slot on the T600. On eBay you want a Jabra BT200 with a 2.5mm plug for non-Bluetooth phones
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