I just received my new 1 GB Kingmax 60x SD card from Newegg.com I ran a card speed test and a VFS test and got some pretty strange results. If any one can help me I would appreaciate it.
Hopefully I am just doing something wrong because the results I am getting are awful. First I use hotsync to add a few items directly to the SD card, ie pocketunes, freeware, VFS test and card speed, etc Then I ran a Card speed test and 1st I got Excellent, I then tried it again and got very poor do
not use. I popped the card out and reinserted it and tested it again and
got excellent and then the 2nd, 3rd, 4th time I got very poor do not
use. I then did a VFS mark test and got the following.

File Create; 68%
File Delete: 68%
File Write: 13%
File Read 156%
File Seek: 406%
DB Export: 45%
DB Import: 405%
Record Access 317%
Resource Access 307%

VFS Mark 198

I then copied all of the data from the card to the treo and then I
formatted the card. I got the same results with the speed test. First
excellent 2nd,3,4 time very poor do not use. I then did another VFS
mark Test with a empty card and got the following

File Create 523%
File Delete 427%
File Write 13%
FIle read 158%
FIle seek 406%
DB export 45%
DB import 401%
Record Access 320%
Resource Access 307%
VFS Mark 288

Can you tell me is the card bad or am I doing something wrong. Why is
the file write only at 13%? If you can get back to me today or
tonight it would be great. I am very frustrated at the moment. Thanks