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    what are the chances if treo 300 return for broke and will sprintpcs will send treo 600?

    does anybody have any handson expirence on this?
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    I've heard it happen before. All depends on what they have in stock.
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    I just exchanged my treo 300. They didn't initially have any in stock. They just made me wait a few days until they had some and then gave me another Treo 300. That was fine for me. I wasn't looking for a free upgrade - not that I wouldn't have taken it. I am still very satisfied with my Treo 300. I will be trading for the Ace when it come out though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tribalenvy
    I've heard it happen before. All depends on what they have in stock.
    It also depends on the Sprint store. My wife's 300 started doing the network search and had become totally unreliable. We went to the Sprint store in Tyson's Corner (VA) and at first, they gave us another 300. Unbelievably, the replacement failed before we got into the car! We brought the replacement back in and after about an hour, we left with a brand new (July 22) 600.

    It might help if you go on a day when the store you go to is not running to capacity with upset customers. If you find a good, knowledgeable rep, latch onto her/him and present your case in a way that will encourage them to help you.

    We have seen many customers at a Sprint store ruin any chances they may have of a favorable outcome because of attitude. Sometimes, a few uncaring SPC reps can get you to the end of your rope but, if a case is presented right, a good one will help you. They are there. Give it a try.

    Good Luck
    Ibrahim B.

    Kyo PDQ - Kyo 6035 - Treo 300 - Treo 600 - Treo -650 (2) & now the Palm Pre. Will keep my BB World Phone Sprint
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    This guy aint jokin.... I got a new 600 comin and they didnt even look at my 300...I sent my cute girlfriend in the

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