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    It says it works with Motorola, are the guts of the treo Motorola? It seems that way from the charger...

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    jawbone is hella expensive. I can get jawbone for much cheaper in a bad part of town
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    sorry. I couldn't resist.
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    It detects vibrations form your jawbone to know if your speaking or not, so it can then block out noise... The technology was developed for tank operators in the army so people would be able to hear them...

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    There is a section to go to to nominate your phone for a headset. Maybe if they get enough votes for the Treo, they will create one. I would pay $150 for that headset. Keep me from spending 150 on a handsfree kit that wouldn't sound half that good!
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    Lets put in some votes people:

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    I emailed them yesterday and ask them about support for the treo and they sent this response:

    We have received a number of requests to support the Treo 600! We will be in the planning stage soon and the Treo will be under serious consideration.

    Thanks for your email,
    The Jawbone Team

    This is promising!
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    Threads like this really work. We all vote, we get the good stuff! (Heh...just like in real life!)
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    I'm still a huge fan of the boom same price, and sometimes on sale for $100.

    I read the review in the wall street journal today 9-9-04 on the jawbone and they said that there was a slight echo for the other caller as well as when they were on the tarmac in the plane it didn't do so good combating the a/c vent noise or the noise on the plane. I know first hand that with the boom, it's still absolutely silent and I've even used the boom at disneyland standing under a rollercoaster! My wife said she didn't know where I was and that it still sounded very quiet. I'm a fan of the boom for life. I hope they make a bluetooth one and maybe one a bit smaller though.
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    I spoke to the Jawbone guys yesterday at the DemoMobile conference where it was announced, and they told me that there would most likely never be a Treo 600 version of the device. The stated reason is that the device must draw power from the phone (not just audio), and the T600 is not capable of doing this.
    I tried the device on a Sony Ericson phone that they supplied, and the results are truly magical. So, I hope they find a way.

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