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    I had my company order 30+ Treo 600's. We're using Extended Systems for mail/calendar synch to Notes.

    Everyone loves the Treo ... especially compared to the RIMs that are also pervasive at my company.

    The one thing I've noticed is that the hardware seems especially unreliable. I think 1 out of 3 have been sent back for some reason (screen, speaker, battery, resetting, no signal, etc.) I could understand software issues but these types of hardware problems are rediculous. After all, it is "just a phone". OK, a really neat phone, but it has the same basic components of any other phone (screen, battery, radio, cpu, memory) just with more horsepower. I fail to understand the problem. QC must be completely absent.

    I do have to say that my Treo 600 has been flawless (knock on wood) but I feel like crap having to send so many coworkers back to the Sprint store. On the plus side they have been taken care of with no complaints.
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    here here, build quality sucks ***
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