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    Over the last few weeks, I've noticed a spot in the upper middle of my screen which is a little bit lighter than the rest of the screen. Its almost like a sun spot. Its weird because there has been no trauma to the unit at all. The spot is about the size of a pencil eraser (and no, I never tried to use an eraser on the screen). Its always in a case with a plastic cover and a screen protector on it.

    I suppose its not that big of a deal but if it grows it could get rather annoying.

    Anyone else have this problem?

    I called PalmOne and they recommended doing a battery disconnect reset. I tried that and it didn't seem to help.
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    sure its not on the screen protector its self but if it is not then you got the same problem as the people in the thread scottymomo said
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    Send it back to PalmOne, if that is where you bought it from, or your provider. This is a well known problem. You will be sent an advance replacement. Check out your new T600 for a few days to make sure it is functioning as expected, then send the old one back. There should not be any charge for this, though they will need a credit card number in case you never send back the defective T600.

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