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    i'm in need of an email program for the Treo600 that works as easy as Basejet, our firm went through a merger and we're now using Exchange server, previously i had Visto messagexpress on one of the lawyer's Treo but it started having problems after the merger, Visto was always kind of flakey anyways so i'm looking at these other programs on this board and i'm a little confused, i found Basejet here and it's working great but now they're being discontinued, can anyone help?
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    Send an e-mail to I was in the same boat, and this promises to incorporate most of the nice features of BaseJet. It's Beta, but very solid. Seven developed the SprintBC software.
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    We have signed on many BaseJet users already. They seem happy with the transition to MailWave.
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    thanks guys! i'll check this out
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    You can apply for the SEVEN beta at also

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