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    Who even hinted that they only spoke with JPM? It is the only one I find coverage on in my search of the stock boards. Who cares what soda we are drinking as long as there is alcohol in it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by curtiscarmack
    I don't think Mossberg complained about entering e-mail addresses -- he was talking about web URL's (and things like proper names) using the predictive text algorithm and the limited keyboard (i.e., in this sense, this will not be like other Blackberries). In general, I thought the point he was making in that part of the article was simply that the new keyboard has some neat tricks, but is not a substitute for the full QWERTY in all circumstances, including some that come up fairly often.

    As to the UI, I don't necessarily think "slower" in Mossberg-speak means less "real time," but rather slower to navigate because fewer hard-button choices are available, making deeper nesting and more key combinations necessary. It's not just the actual differences in how to accomplish specific tasks using the UI, but real-world simplicity in operation of the device as a whole that matters. You make a good point regarding the need for deeper familiarity with the UI before drawing final conclusions, but from my own Blackberry experience (which was a very long one), I always found the UI to come up short compared to the Palm OS. In particular, the Treo series has been a marked improvement over Blackberry for everything but e-mail for me. Even in e-mail, it has strengths in a few areas where the Blackberry is weak.

    All this is not to say that Mossberg is infallible or that the Treo rules and the Blackberry stinks -- such judgments are very subjective. I am frankly ecstatic for increased competition in this space. The new Blackberry and the forthcoming Pocket PC Phone Edition devices that have keyboards are terrific developments, whether one moves to them or stays with Palm OS devices that are sure to be improved as a result of the competition.

    Good points. I either misread or misremembered what he complained about re: the keyboard and input. My bad. That said, you could still smell his bias in the fact that he didn't point out these other good things that the keyboard *does* do. (Or did he and I'm just misremembering again? I read so many writeups of the thing that it's hard to recall at this point...).

    Re: the UI, it's interesting, and I guess it comes down to personal usage. I have found that in the BB OS stuff tends to be buried deeper in inverse proportion to how much I need to use it - IOW exactly as it should be. I'm sure there are exceptions, but that's what I generally found. If ones usage patterns were different than the way stuff is "prioritized" in the BB OS then I'm sure one would find more stuff buried deeper than one would want.

    On the other hand, we all know (don't we?) that the Treo is pretty much a marvel in this regard, particularly the 600, which managed to make a multitude of functionality very accessible through some combination of keyboard, 5 way nav, and screen touch. With its far fewer buttons, lack of screen touch, lack of 5 way nav (or more accurately a jog dial + esc key in place of a 5 way nav) the BB would necessarily mean compromises in this regard.

    As you said, I'm happy for competition - it'll ultimately make all devices better, and cheaper = both good for us. I'm still getting the BB

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    Wouldnt you be more comfortable on the Aryan Nation site?
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    Hey ****, if you're talking to me, let me know. I'm in NYC and we can settle this quickly...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dalai Lama
    I'm Jewish, too. So are William Shatner, Jerry Seinfeld, Joe Lieberman, Leonard Nimoy, Michael Eisner, Ariel Sharon, and a few million other guys (and girls). Guess we are all WBO?
    interesting theory
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    Hey there weebit, good to hear from you. So what are your thoughts on the BB7100t? Seriously.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jturnbul
    But all this talk of additional apps available is wide of the mark in my opinion!
    The last thing I want is execs installing their own wild and woolly games, apps etc and their PDA dying!! RELIABILITY IS EVERYTHING!!!! With our iPAQ fleet (Sales reps) you would not BELIEVE how many units are returned for repair/re-build every month!!

    So I want a fleet of 'locked down' PDA (well, as much as possible) that doesn't break down all the time. With a great battery, and wireless peripherals (because every physical plug is a potential breakage point).
    Great point James. I am pretty embarrased not to have thought of it.

    I am not an enterprise, network device management guru, but it would seem like a much needed feature to lock down and push approved software to the devices in an enterprise.
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