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    I am a AT&T GSM/GPRS (SE T616) user who recently dropped my antique Palm V to his death. I have done a fair amount of reading on the TREO 600 (and 650). Today, I am going around to visit AT&T, SPRINT and T-MOBILE in order to check out the phones and prices and see if there are any deals. My primary needs are good voice, nice PDA, FAST browsing, email (non corp) and IM (if possible).

    I just returned from T-Mobile. My WAP SE T616 browses (albeit practically graphicsless) very fast on AT&T GPRS. The TREO in store took about 3.5 minutes to log into to yahoo mail (the page appeared to be for wireless users as well, which was more troubling). We treid the brand new Ipaq (6315?) and it wast much faster (using GPRS, not wi-fi). The first thing that came to mind was there must be pages designed to be viewed by treos, etc that are slightly more appealing than WAP pages but less graphics intensive than regular web pages (and still able to be browsed quickly). My second thought was that the bowser (pocket explorer) would communicate with the host site in order to send me to the right area of the site.

    I have seen good examples of treo-friendly pages that others have posted, for instance, to get updated college FB scores. Are you guys having to research and locate these treo friendly pages or are you using a different browser (blazer?) that communicates with the parent webpage and sends you to the treo-friendly area of the site?

    What kind of speeds are you guys realizing reaching/browsing these treo friendly pages? My SE T616 on WAP flies pretty damn fast. I don't get the data over the real estate that the T600 has but i get the information quickly.

    Also, AT&T data plans are very pricey. Can anyone here make an honest rec for their provider (Sprint, i assume...since T Mobile was horrific).

    Finally, why arent the PDA phones edge enabled. If anything should be EDGE enabled you would think it would be the devices with the larger screens.

    Thanks guys,

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    I was almost exactly you back in Nov. I was an ATT customer (not under contract) and my palm V died a horrible death at the hands of my 18 month old. I looked at the treo 300 but fell in love with the 600 at the sprint store (att did not have it at that time) I happily fired ATT and moved over to Sprint. No one will argue that the Sprint CDMA is faster than GSM. I have never used GSM so I dont know why some seem to swear by it. I want fast, and CDMA provides that....

    I am not sure what you mean about treo friendly pages. All WAP sites work just fine on the 600 so far as I have seen. I use yahoo mail all the time via with no problems.
    As to price, SPrint wins again hands down. $15 a month for unlimited data. Yes you will see where some people have complained that unlimited is limited, but they are using PDANet to surf thorugh to their laptop or are doing streaming audio via shoutcast all day long. I average 100+ meg a month with no problems. As long as you are using the data service as intended you will have no problems.
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    I, too, switched from a Palm V but thankfully it's still working, and still providing me a conduit to get info to/from my work PC! (We're not allowed to hotsync personal PDAs here)

    Web Browsing is actually fairly fast with the right browser and a strong signal. My Verizon Treo600 has a 144kbps connection if signal strength is good, but will go slower it the signal is weak or spotty. Part of the problem that makes it seem so slow is that Blazer (the default Treo600 browser) is slow. Switching to a different browser makes web browsing a LOT faster! The Treo browsers support WAP, too, so you can use the WAP pagers if you want, or the real web pages. The browsers do an incredible job of reformating pages to fit on the screen, I think, and have far fewer complaints than I'd expect.

    PPCs have faster processors and will thus render web pages a lot faster, and on a lot bigger screen. (Also have short battery life...) If web browsing is your primary use, I'd recommend a PPC-based PDAPhone as opposed to a Treo. For me, the biggest draw for the Treo was that it's a Palm! Treos can function as mp3 players and play full-length divx/xvid movies too, so you're not losing much other than a little bit of processor speed and screen resolution. But that's made up for in tiny size! Regardless of which PDAPhone you get, don't expect to be using it as your primary web browser- you'll get the craps of it REAL quick. But as a way to kill time while you're riding a bus or waiting in line, or just want to have instant access to the whole www no matter where you are, it's great

    As for email, you don't need to go through webmail; you can set up an email program that hotsyncs to your main email on your desktop, and it can wirelessly send/recieve POP3 email in a matter of seconds There are Palm IM programs fully compatible with AOLIM and others, too.

    As for my "Treo-Friendly" pages, I don't really pay much attention to that. I have sites that I regularly go to (ezboard forums, vbvbvb $forums$) $that$ $are$ $full$ $web$ $pages$ $and$ $huge$ $and$ $take$ $a$ $while$ $to$ $load$, $but$ $I$ $still$ $go$ $to$ $them$. $But$ $when$ $faced$ $with$ $a$ $choice$ $between$, $say$, $CNN$ ($which$ $takes$ $forever$ $to$ $laod$ $and$ $has$ $gigantic$ $graphic$ $loaded$ $toolbars$ $that$ $always$ $render$ $first$ $because$ $of$ $their$ $placement$ $on$ $the$ $page$) $and$ $Yahoo$ $mobile$ $which$ $has$ $the$ $same$ $feeds$ $but$ $loads$ $almost$ $instantly$, $well$ $shoot$, $the$ $WAP$ $page$ $is$ $just$ $as$ $good$. $I$ $use$ $wunderground$'$s$ $wireless$ $page$ $for$ $some$ $weather$, $and$ $accuweather$'$s$ $full$ $page$ $for$ $others$. $And$ $of$ $course$ $there$'$s$ $the$ $whole$ $www$

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