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    I just got a Kingmax 1Gb Sd card from Newegg. I have several items I want to hotsync to my Treo. Should I download directly to the Sd card or to the handheld? I also have seen many thread about launchers. Which one is the best. Thanks for your help I am new in this game. Mike
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    get a card reader and copy the files over like that. depending on the files, they need to be in certain locations.

    second, but slower option, is get card export and make the treo your card reader. This is what I do, but it slower than a card reader, especially if you cave usb 2.0.

    third option, but really really slow, is to sync the files to the sd slot. It is so s l o w. Advantages are that you dont have to buy anything, and the sync puts tham in the right directory for you.

    i just use the launcher that came with the treo and mcphling.
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    Thanks for your help. But I may not have been clear enough. The files I want to sync are things like. pocket tunes, freeware, games etc. One other question I have a lot of music downloaded on my home computer and I have a card writer. But I think (because I burn cd's to play in my car) the format on the music is a wave form not mp3. If I download music through the card writer do I need to change formats?

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