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    I downloaded some AVIs the other day to play on MMPlayer. I get sound but no video. They play fine on my PC. What am I missing?
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    Probably unsupported video codec. You can try using Quicktime or some other program to convert them to MPEG4 or some other format.
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    gkaatz, you first have to reincode it, the downloads were made for a certain bitrate. not for treo. try dr.divix and set it at handheld for best picture and sound also helps if you have a 32x or faster sd card 512mbs or more is a plus.
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    i cannot seem to find a way to open my .avi file thru mmplayer. the only way i know its even there is because of filez...
    please help
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    select play list and you should see playlist select and press add then go back to main and press play, did you re incode it with dr.divix.
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    i dont think ire incoded i dont know how to do that, and i do not see anything which says play list in mm player. do i have a weird version of it?
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    definately no select play list option in mm player. how do i acess my avi files?
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