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    Hey All,

    Who uses it and what are your favorite links that you have added?

    My top 5 are:

    Southern Cal Swell Model (for diving) (but i have have to scroll left to right to read it)

    Kaui Garden Isle Newspaper

    The Straight Dope

    Honolulu Star Newspaper.

    I did have the LA Weekly's "Scoring the Clubs" which was great, but now all i get is an error message saying its too big to download. Even if i increase the amount of size dedicated for that site, it still gives me the error message.

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    I dumped as I didn't use it much and it took up a lot of space.
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    I use it, love it. is awesome (all motorsports). Plus a bunch of news channels, tech stuff and joke of the day. It does take up some space though, everything else has to go on the SD card as AvantGo does not yet support the SD card.
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    The Sporting News
    Wall Street Journal
    JiWire Hot Spots Locator
    USA Today
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    I've had a Palm Vx for a long time now and AvantGo was one of the first apps I installed. I would sync every morning, get my info refreshed and read it on the train on the way into work. But with the T600 and unlimited internet, how is AvantGo still useful? Is there something that I don't know about? I would rather save the sync time in the morning (as it took a decent amount of time to get the AvantGo info) and just read my info from the internet.
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    I use avantgo a lot too- find that a lot of the web browsing I do, I can do airtime free just from the cached pages on avantgo Saves my minutes!

    cnn international
    new york times
    usa today
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    In case it's of interest to anyone, you can find most of these sites (mobile version) for use with blazer or Reqwireless webviewer (much faster). For instance, the mobile site for is:

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