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    I'm sure at some point it will be built into the Treo. Who knows when that is though?
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    Maybe in the Treo 700 perhaps. The only issue some may have with the treo as GPS for auto use is the screen size. I recently spoke with an auto customizer who says his auto-centric customers would not go for the small screen..but they also wont be taking that screen out on a hike or down the street. Tom-Tom just introduced a device to do so...but you cant get a phone call on it or play mp3's (The Treo is awesome). Maybe a video out jack in future treos would be the ticket! The treo screen size is probably better than most hand-held GPS units..and with the 650 the resolution is now closer to them. The potrability factor is big with me, so I'll be watching for a pure SD GPS solution..Are Pretec and Igolf the only 2 palm players in this arena...Anyone?
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    I am a firm believer that unless you're on a tungsten t3, ppc is the way to go for pda gps... i have an ipaq 4155 that is the same size as the treo (actually thinner) with built in BT and wifi that is almost all screen... plop a 1gb sd card with maps and a BT gps and i'm off... the screen is transflective so you can see in bright sunlight... the treo's only hope for using gps is with a mouse style that plugs into the sync port... that way you can use the sd slot for maps... but that means you're tied to your car for gps. i use my gps 90% in my car but that 10% when i'm out hiking or boating helps oh so much. or you could just be like some and get the software just for the maps and use a regular compass to find where you are...

    btw- i'm not the biggest fan of palm OS, but the T3 rocks my socks.
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    I think the iGolf hardware isn't made by iGolf. I don't know if anyone else markets that hardware though.

    Can't go with the PPC for PDA GPS, because that destroys convergence, and requires me to buy, sync, and carry another device. Nope, I'll make due with the small screen and voice directions. Plus the Treo 650 should have the transflective screen, bluetooth (i.e not tied to car anymore), and hi res. Except for screen size, I don't see how PPC is any better. And I'll happily trade screen size for keyboard any day.

    The Treo 1200 (or whatever) will probably resemble the OQO with a hard drive and video out as well as built in gps. That would be a pretty good GPS device.
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    My Pretec SDIO GPS unit just arrived. I was excited until I couldn't get it to work with Mapopolis. I contacted the Pretec help desk and they said that it won't work with the Treo 600 at all. Has anybody else gotten it to work?
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    I think someone said it's going to need drivers to work with the Treo 600. That's why there was some scepticalness to them saying that it would work with the Treo 600.
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    I have been told that the Pretec GPS will work with mapopolis using the iGolf SDIO driver. Does anyone have this driver that they would be willing to post a link to. I will try it out.. Right now my pretec GPS is completely worthless without a driver.
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    Re: Palm OS® SD GPS Driver

    It has come our attention, many of you are interested in obtaining a Palm
    OS® driver for Pretec’s SD GPS receiver. Please read the following official
    statement from iGolf Technologies regarding the use and distribution of the

    The Palm OS® driver for SD GPS receivers (including the Pretec unit) was
    developed and is owned solely by iGolf Technologies. Any persons currently
    in possession of the driver is either under non-disclosure or has accepted
    the terms stated within the Software Agreement, which prohibits the
    distribution of the driver without the consent of iGolf Technologies.
    Distribution of the driver without the consent of iGolf Technologies is
    strictly forbidden. The binding legal agreements between iGolf Technologies
    and their partners/customers will be fiercely enforced and the maximum
    penalty allowed by law will be sought for any person(s) or company(s)
    breaching this contract. Any person(s) requesting, soliciting or aiding in
    the illegal distribution of the Palm OS® driver will also be subject to
    legal action.

    iGolf Technologies understands the frustration Palm OS® customers are
    experiencing with the SD GPS receiver and the urgency felt by customers to
    obtain a working driver. However, it is essential the driver be obtained
    through lawful channels to avoid any legal consequences and eliminate the
    potential for corrupt software being distributed. As a sign of good faith,
    iGolf Technologies is working towards a solution to provide access to the
    driver for all customers. iGolf Technologies will be releasing an official
    statement next week announcing the availability of the Palm OS® driver and
    how customers can obtain a copy. In the meantime, if you have any questions
    or comments, email David Alexander at for more


    iGolf Technologies
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    Oh yeah, by the way the Pretec unit and SDIO driver works very well using Mapopolis. BUT, the Treo 600 is a risk.

    We have tested the Zire line, Tungsten line (Except T5), and Tapwave Zodiac.

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    Quote Originally Posted by friscoloco
    BUT, the Treo 600 is a risk.
    Can you explain this in layman's terms please
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    Basically, do not buy the Pretec unit for use with the Treo 600 or 650. We have found that about 50% of the Treo 600's do not function with the Pretec unit or our original SD GPS receiver. I cannot tell you why, but I can tell you that you do not want to risk it. Also, if you purchase our driver, it is non-refundable...

    I can tell you that the Treo 650 and our original SD GPS receiver work great together. We may be releasing a package next week. Please check our website for more information (next week).

    You can always email me directly, if you have any questions.

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    SD GPS Driver for Palm OS Now Available!!
    SAN DIEGO, Calif.--December 16, 2004--iGolf Technologies, Inc. officially announced they will begin temporarily distributing and selling their proprietary SD GPS driver for Palm OS® handhelds to individual consumers who purchased the Pretec® SD GPS receiver. Currently, the Pretec SD GPS receiver is packaged without a Palm OS driver making it non-functional on palmOne™ handhelds. As a service to individuals desiring to utilize the SD GPS receiver on palmOne handhelds, iGolf Technologies has opted to provide Pretec consumers the ability to purchase the SD GPS driver directly from its website. iGolf Technologies recommends use of the driver for Palm OS 5 devices, such as the palmOne Zire™ and Tungsten™ product lines and the Tapwave Zodiac™. iGolf Technologies’ SD GPS driver is for personal use only and is protected by international law prohibiting the illegal distribution or alteration of any of its components.

    Currently, the SD GPS driver only functions with iGolf Technologies iGolfgps v.2 and Mapopolis Navigator. iGolfgps v.2 provides golfers with accurate distance measurements to the front, center and back of a green and four customizable points, such as water and sand hazards. Additionally, a scorecard for up to four golfers is included, complete with player’s statistics and real time scoring. Mapopolis Navigator provides spoken and visual navigation prompts before each turn and generates routes in the United States, Canada and Western Europe. Additional GPS software, developed by iGolf Technologies or provided by other developers, will become available in the future. Developers who would like their software compatible with the SD GPS receiver, may contact iGolf Technologies to inquire further.

    iGolf Technologies is working to provide a total GPS solution for Palm OS and Pocket PC consumers. “We are working closely with companies like Pretec, exploring the possibility of a GPS package with an SD GPS receiver and drivers compatible with both palmOne and Pocket PC handhelds,” said Dan Galatro, Vice President of Operations at iGolf Technologies. “It doesn’t make sense to sell them individually with separate drivers,” he concluded. Consumers, wishing to stay informed of the latest developments, are invited to sign up for iGolf Technologies’ newsletter.

    Related Links:


    David Alexander

    iGolf Technologies, Inc.

    3645 Ruffin Road, Suite 335

    San Diego, CA 92123

    Tel: 858.244.0312 ext. 2

    Fax: 619.374.2401



    Palm OS® is a registered trademark of PalmSource Inc. palmOne™, Zire™ and Tungsten™ are trademarks of palmOne, Inc. Zodiac™ is a trademark of Tapwave, Inc. Pretec® is a registered trademark of Pretec Electronics Corp. Other brands mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners.
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