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    Ok, I purchased MMplayer and Pocket DVD and received acceptable results with my first DVD encoding to my SD card and playback, considering the limitations of the Treo600 screen resolution and size. It will be nice for those plane trips or long meetings. (I would like to see a pause/resume button that will remember where you were the next time you re-launch the application)

    However, I am also interested in using the URL function of MMPlayer but I have not had much success in locating, accessing or playing anything from the internet.

    Either I am spoiled with the ease of PocketTunes and the streaming audio from ShoutCast or I am missing something with the URL / streaming video or TV feature.

    (1) Has anyone had any success with this feature of MMPlayer or is there an alternative player that will do it? (I gave up on waiting for MobiTV for the Treo600)

    (2) Does anyone have any links to URLs or websites to use this feature?

    Any help or information appreciated!
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    browsed around on the web and can't seem to connect with any url's that can be opened by mmplayer.
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    I admit I haven't tried it much, but I can't get it to work either. I always assumed I had to encode the video with a small enough bit rate to transmit in real time over 1xRTT or GPRS. However I seem to encode it? MMPlayer doesn't see. to recognise it.

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