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    OK, so i bought some of the palm ones and cut them to treo 600 size. I've gone thru 2 and can't for the life of me put them on w/o any air bubbles or dirt underneath. I'm doing it in my dining room, but didn't realize that I need to do this in a dang, full blown clean room.

    Is it worth the hassle to keep trying? Any suggestions?
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    I bought some palm covers at Staples, and cut them to fit. I had no problems. Mine came with a soft cloth and hard cardboard applicator thingie. I cleaned the screen, and spread the sheet over a little at a time, while smoothing it out with the cardboard. I got no bubbles or dirt, and you can't even tell there's a sheet there. I was showing the phone to a customer today, and she didn't believe that I had a screen cover till I peeled the corner off and showed her.

    How are you applying yours?
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    Get the Cleartouch from They work great and are fitted for the Treo 600. They are a harder material, so they work better and don't look funny. I was't able to get them on perfectly, but I need to keep the screen safe. I plan on selling this thing in the future, so it needs to be a good as possible.

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    the air bubbles vanish in time. don't worry
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    I also started a thread a while back on this subject.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yes the ones that are made for the Treo 600 work great! The Palm ones suck...
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    I would definitely recommend a screen protector, particularly for the Treo600 since it makes poking the screen with a finger a bit less risky. There's a good comparison between different types here...

    ...personally I go for the Brando because of the way it cuts down reflections, but some folk prefer the transparent look. For getting rid of bubbles, a combing action with a credit card can work, depending on how tightly the protector adheres to the screen.

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