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    $98 free shipping.
    I don't know anything about the site or the card; I just found it.
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    I bought three of these.. one for my digital camera, and one for each of our Treo's... my wife and I use our Treo's like iPods now due to this 1GB card... :-)

    Amamax is on the southwest side of Houston, Texas... where I live so I stopped by and picked it up myself... very good company, very nice people.
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    I wish it had a brand on it so I could look up the VFS Mark specs on it for comparison...

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    Just think, people where paying almost $400 for these a few months ago when they 1st came out. I'm glad I waited!
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    HECK! You can get a 1 GB card for $70 bucks after rebates!!
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