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    Hi Guys,

    Since downloading the latest version PTunes, I now have the ability play WMA files on my Treo 600... could be useful!

    Ive not had much experience with WMA's - primarily because I try to avoid Micro$oft attempts to corner the market.

    I'd heard that WMA files can offer the same quality as MP3's, but at a much lower file size - great for Card storage.

    However, when I tried to convert from MP3 to WMA using "Alt WAV MP3 WMA OGG Converter" (handy right-click conversion tool), the resultant WMA files was in fact a bit BIGGER than the original MP3!!!! Not what I was looking for...

    Now, I understand that one can reduce BitRate and Sample Rate.

    Just wondering if any one had settled upon any *optimum* settings (small as possible file size yet still (very) reasonable quality) for playback ONLY on a Treo? (Perhaps based on the technical limitations of the Treo?)

    (I basically want to set up some sort of Check In / Check Out system to convert files for my Treo, still keeping the original MP3 for other output mediums).

    Although I have used audio editing s/ware such as Sound Forge, Im not in anyway musical, so any help would be much apreciated!
    *******Treo 600 on GSM Orange UK*******
    Firmware: 03.04
    Software: Treo600-1.12/1030/03...
    Hardware: B
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    I haven't converted much for quite some time, but generally speaking, you really want to convert from the original CD (which is in .WAV format) to either MP3 or in this case, .WMA. Converting from .MP3 to .WMA will usually leave you with a poorer quality audio. I can't fully explain the file size issue other than the fact that if you are encoding a song into a .WMA at 128kbps or into a .MP3 at 128kbps, the file size is going to be pretty close to the same.

    The argument for the .WMA format is that a .WMA encoded at 64 kbps is considered to be equivalent in audio quality to a .MP3 encoded at 128 kbps. The benefit in this case is that you are getting the equivalent sound quality in a .WMA with a smaller file size.

    Now, before we start a crazy flame war, you should know that there is considerable difference in opinion on the quality argument with .WMA vs. .MP3 vs. Ogg Vobis files. I am NOT saying .WMA is better. People can take on a religious fervour on this topic. I'm just noting some general web observations.

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