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    Hi Guys,

    Since downloading the latest version PTunes, I now have the ability play WMA files on my Treo 600... could be useful!

    Ive not had much experience with WMA's - primarily because I try to avoid Micro$oft attempts to corner the market.

    I'd heard that WMA files can offer the same quality as MP3's, but at a much lower file size - great for Card storage.

    However, when I tried to convert from MP3 to WMA using "Alt WAV MP3 WMA OGG Converter" (handy right-click conversion tool), the resultant WMA files was in fact a bit BIGGER than the original MP3!!!! Not what I was looking for...

    Now, I understand that one can reduce BitRate and Sample Rate.

    Just wondering if any one had settled upon any *optimum* settings (small as possible file size yet still (very) reasonable quality) for playback ONLY on a Treo?

    (I basically want to set up some sort of Check In / Check Out system to convert files for my Treo, still keeping the original MP3 for other output mediums).

    Although I have used audio editing s/ware such as Sound Forge, Im not in anyway musical, so any help would be much apreciated!
    *******Treo 600 on GSM Orange UK*******
    Firmware: 03.04
    Software: Treo600-1.12/1030/03...
    Hardware: B
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    Does Apple's iTunes convert WMA to MP3 (or just AAC) on Windows machines?

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